Heating Solutions

We provide turnkey solar thermal solutions for variety of industrial applications
Hot Water can be generated by harnessing solar energy
Hot Air can be generated for wide range of applications by harnessing solar radiations
Steam can be generated by harnessing solar energy combined with solar steam generator for various type of cooking applications
Evaporation process is driven by heat energy generated from the solar system using specialized solar evaporators
Heat generated from solar module is used to provide cooling when combined with VAM (Vapour Absorption Module)
Solar concentrated system can help in increasing boilers thermal efficiency by pre-heating boiler feed


From solar conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site renewal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction is evident in the work that we do.

Boiler Feed Water Heating

Boilers can use pre-heated feed water to reduce the energy consumption in the boiler to raise the water from 25-30° to 70-90° C.

Steam Generation

Steam is an essential part of our daily lives even though we may not notice it as much. Steam has extensive applications in spas, saloons and gyms.

Hot air Generator

Hot air systems are mainly devised to replace traditional methods of open air sun drying. They are also used in premixing hot air for combustors.

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