Who We Are

Aashman Solar is a solar integration service provider focusing on delivering state-of-the-art solar thermal energy technologies as turnkey solutions. We engage in engineering, construction and maintenance of solar heating systems for industrial applications, commercial and residential requirements.  We provide solutions for numerous thermal energy uses like generating hot water and air, evaporation and drying spanning across different industries like agriculture, manufacturing, leather, and automobile, dairy, pharmaceutical, hotels and education.

Company History

Since inception in 2015, our work has developed a sense of satisfaction and trust with our clients, improving our reputation and helping us reach bigger goals. We take great pride in being multi-faceted and be able to curate innovative solutions using solar energy. Some of the technologies that we handle include Photovoltaics for converting solar energy to electricity; Parabolic Dishes and Evacuated Tube Collectors for converting solar energy to heat production.

Our Philosophy

Aashman Solar formulates innovative solar energy based solutions to reduce and replace existing fossil-fuel based systems that are not cost, time or energy efficient. Aashman Solar is driven by passion for green technology and energy conservation, and aims at providing cutting-edge technological services to enterprises in India and around the world to help reduce their carbon footprint and operating expenses.