From solar conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site renewal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction is evident in the work that we do. We are proud to be performing services for many clients and our services include :

Hot Water Generation

Low temperature water heating is an important contributor to lowering the energy demand for heat in the residential, public and industrial sectors. Solar energy can be used to provide hot water for domestic or industrial purposes.

Boiler Feed Water Heating

Boilers can use pre-heated feed water to reduce the energy consumption in the boiler to raise the water from 25-30° to 70-90° C.

Steam Generation

Steam is an essential part of our daily lives even though we may not notice it as much. Steam has extensive applications in spas, saloons and gyms. Residential complexes also use steam for daily chores like ironing, community kitchen cooking.

Hot air Generator

Hot air systems are mainly devised to replace traditional methods of open air sun drying. They are also used in premixing hot air for combustors. Open air sun drying is a concept where the required materials for drying are laid out under direct sun radiation.


During evaporation, a solution gets concentrated when a portion of the solvent, usually water, is vaporized, leaving behind a saline liquor that contains virtually all of the dissolved solids, or solute, from the original feed.

Space Cooling

Space cooling represents a significant use of energy in buildings nationwide. Requirements for cooling systems depend on the size of the spaces that need to be cooled. The simplest form of renewable cooling relies on pumping water from a cold reservoir or chilling water by pumping it through underground pipes.

On-Grid Solar

These types of modules are linked to your power grid. Your electricity needs will be fulfilled by the generated electricity first. If there is excess, it will sent to the grid for consumption by others. You are effectively selling excess electricity as per tariffs. This process is automated and taken care of by the net-metering process.

Off-Grid Solar

These PV modules work exactly like the Grid Tied PV module except for the fact that they are self-contained systems with no connection to the grid. Their aim is to fulfill the electricity needs of the environment they are installed in. They work with a battery backup or a diesel generator to store PV energy generated.