Steam is an essential part of our daily lives even though we may not notice it as much. Steam has extensive applications in spas, saloons and gyms. Residential complexes also use steam for daily chores like ironing, community kitchen cooking. For commercial scale, replacing hot water with steam can often greatly increase the efficiency of processes requiring heat media.

With large area required and steam handling being the main inhibitors to widespread usage, Aashman is constantly researching and opting to newer and tested methods to devise successful anti-dotes to develop path-breaking alternatives to fossil fuel based combustors.

Steam is also used in hospitals and hotels for laundry and cooking, in textile industry for swivel dryers, dyeing, rolling and weaving, etc.  With the advent of Clean-In-Place and Steam-In-Place processes, the cleaning of interior systems without disassembly has proven to be a boon for many industries like Dairy, Beverage, Brewing, Processed foods, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics.

Solar based steam generation systems either using High Temperature Vacuum Tubes (HTVTs) or Parabolic Dishes have proven to be successful alternatives as various industrial players have opted to go solar and reduce energy consumption.

Steam Generation